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Wondering what one of the top things to do in Boulder is? Boulder Brew Tours offers walking, driving, and custom tours to sample some of Boulder’s famous microbrews. The walking tour starts at a local brewery on Pearl St., Boulder’s #1 tourist attraction, while the driving tour visits some of the larger breweries outside of town. Boulder Brew Tours also offers custom tours where you can pick the breweries that you are interested in visiting. All tours get a behind-the-scenes look at how beer is brewed. Continuing on to more breweries, groups will sample a wide variety of microbrews and end with a pint of your choice. Join a tour today!

Micro Breweries

Boulder is home to some
of the best breweries in the
United States. Our tour
will guide you to the best
in Boulder. Click on a logo
for more information.

Available Tours

We offer a walking tour featuring some of the best breweries in Boulder. Custom tours are also available. Contact us for more information.